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An International Court of Justice for Environmental issues

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  • First Name:  Sylvio                                                                                                                                  
  • Last Name: Michel                                                                                                                                  
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Your Green Party:  Les Verts Fraternels
  • Country which you are representing:Mauritius

Resolution Titles:

An International Court of Justice for Environmental issues 


The setting up of an International Court of Justice on pollution to monitor, caution  and sanction polluters to reach the objectives of Treaty of Paris.

Operative Text:

This resolution is self-explanatory and very easy to understand among the Greens. COP21 is a landmark agreement in the struggle against the emission of CO2, causing climate change worldwide. But it serves no purpose if effective punishment is used to provide effective change among signatories to the treaty of Paris. The change of power at the White House in the USA has already signalled the difficulty for the implementation of COP21. In my own country, the tendency is to look for funds, accruing from various protocols that COP21set up, But there is no practical measure to combat emission of CO2 The Mauritian government is doing the opposite by importing massively vehicles, building roads, bridges, on the coastal regions numerous hotels are being built to make money at all costs. Everyone is unaware about pollution. The official emission of CO2 recorded dates back to 2006. This is why I say we have to press for an international court of justice on pollution. To seek information, to caution polluters and sanction them in case they breach the law.



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