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Emergency Resolution 7 Repudiation of Barrick Gold in Argentina

Emergency resolution Repudiation of Barrick Gold in Argentina

  • First Name: Ian
  • Last Name: Soutar
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Country: Canada
  • Party: Green Party of Canada
  • Title: Repudiation of Barrick Gold in Argentina


One of the main goals of the Global Greens is to support its fellow Greens in
government around the world in addressing concerns that violate our
fundamental Green values. Megamines play a terrible role in perpetuating
extractavism in less advantaged nations, using their corporate power to
influence the democratic decision making processes of countries with
weaker environmental standards. Barrick Gold is currently exploiting the
Argentinian people by allowing atrocities against nature to occur under its

Operative Text:

The Green Party of Canada rejects the inaction of the Canadian megamining
corporation Barrick Gold, which until now has refused to take meaningful
action to resolve the issues concerning over a million litres of cyanide
spilling into the Potrerillos River, and we demand that the government of
Argentina closes this mine immediately.

Background Text:

Barrick gold is exploiting the people of Mino Veladero by allowing more than
one million litres of cyanide to spread into the Potrerillos River, now for the
fourth spill in recent history on March 29, putting the lives of people along
the river at great risk, as well as the environment and all living organisms
dependent on this vital source of water.


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