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Amendment 5.1 LGBTIQ Rights (by Taiwan Green Party)

1 Amendment 5.1 LGBTIQ Rights



4 1. We ask that all governments in the world abolish laws that view LGBTIQ sexual orientation

5 and behavior as illegal. LGBTIQ communities should not be legally deprived of their rights to

6 property, personal liberty, and life because of their sexual orientation and behavior.


8 2. We oppose any government that bans, hinders, or oppresses LGBTIQ information, speech,

9 work, and other initiatives, and commits discrimination.


11 3. We demand that “LGBTIQ Mainstreaming” be instituted at every level of government. All

12 government agencies must, when formulating, implementing and evaluating all types of policies

13 and services, take into consideration the situation, needs, and impact on the LGBTIQ

14 community. They should especially pay attention to whether resources are adequate and

15 address intersectional discrimination. To maximize effectiveness, LGBTIQ Mainstreaming

16 should be planned and coordinated by a designated agency at an appropriately high level.


18 4. We urge that in countries where same-sex couples still cannot legally get married, marriage

19 equality be actively promoted, in order to safeguard the rights of diverse family structures

20 (including adoption rights). Civil unions and domestic partnerships are family systems outside of

21 marriage, and should be open to any gender and sexual orientation. Civil union and domestic

22 partnerships should not be used as a systematic form of discrimination that provides differential

23 treatment and excludes same-sex couple from marriage. Also, governments should not, out of

24 animosity, use legislative techniques to impose systematic separation or differential treatment

25 on same-sex couples. Separation is not equal. In addition, all levels of schools should

26 implement LGBTIQ-inclusive education.

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