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6.2.3 Ukraine (dolphins and whales) FINAL BEFORE PLENARY

Person Submitting this Form:

  • First Name: Sergii
  • Last Name: Kurykin
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Your Green Party: Partija Zelenykh Ukrainy (Party of Greens of Ukraine)
  • Address: 01001,Tryokhsviatytelska str. 11, office 17, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Phone/fax: +380-44-2800686
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Country which you are representing: UKRAINE

Resolutions Title:  Global Greens for dolphins and whales protection


We, the Global Greens,

-consistently adhering to the principles of nonviolence,

-protecting the human and non-human beings rights,

-standing for the environmental protection,

Declare the following:


Operative Text: 

The attitude to the other living beings in the civilized society

considered as criterion and standard of humanness. However, the unsustainable

human activities increasingly strains the environment and living conditions of all

other inhabitants of the planet. The victims of the human are, in particular, the

dolphins and other cetaceans - the highly-organized creatures, living in their own

society, raising their babies, actively communicating with each other and with


Nevertheless, still and all, they are remaining the object of hunting and

trapping, they are murdered, captured, used for entertainment, slowly killing, being

prisoned in the dolphinariums. The anthropogenic impact on the natural

environment of their habitat, the increasing of all the types of the World ocean

pollution lead to their mass mortality.

The navy fleet and coastal military bases making own conspicuous

contribution into worsening of the cetaceans life. Maritime military presence

demonstrates the trend to be increased in all over the world not only in oceans, but

in inland seas as well (like as Black sea, for instance). Military use of dolphins

attempts still continue.

The Global Greens consider the state of affairs as complitely unacceptable.

In consideration of the mentioned above, the participants of the Global

Greens Congress, call and exhorts the governments of all countries of the world,

the international organizations:

- make every possible efforts to protect the waters of the World ocean from

pollution, including the acoustic pollution;

-minimize the naval activities and stop deep sea mining expansion;

- provide all the possible assistance for establishment of the marine protected areas

to defend the dolphins and other cetaceans, as in the national, as well as in the

international waters;

- impose the comprehensive and unconditional ban on hunting and trapping of any

cetaceans for any purpose, including the “scientific” ones;

- prohibit to keep the dolphins and other cetaceans in captivity, in conditions of the

lack of freedom for entertainment or other purposes;

- recognize in due legal form the dolphins and other cetaceans as non-human

persons with all the rights arising therefrom.

The Global Greens consider the dolphins and whales protection as one of

priorities within the basic Green values implementation activities.


Background Text:

This serves as a reference material and will not be voted on as part of the Resolution

Dolphins and whales protection is issue not only of humanness and environmental meaning,

but has the visible political, economic and moral aspects. The problem reflects, particularly, lack

of appropriate attention from the governments, irresponsibility of business, consequent violation

still present within society. Voice of Greens is needed to support the numerous NGOs fighting

in all over the world for cetaceans life and welfare.



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