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10.2 Transition coal to renewable FINAL BEFORE PLENARY.

Submitted by Yujin Lee on Fri, 03/17/2017 - 15:48

• Proposed by: Australian Greens & Green Party Korea

• Country: Australia & Korea

Resolution Title: Transition away from coal and fossil fuels


The Global Greens:

1. Note that dangerous global warming is an existential threat to our all people, societies

and ecosystems on our planet and current efforts to cut pollution will not be enough to

keep warming below the internationally agreed limits of either 1.5 degrees or 2 degrees

above pre-industrial levels;

2. Coal is a massive source of carbon pollution, and the best available climate science

says that to avoid the worst effects of dangerous global warming we must keep almost all

global coal reserves in the ground;

3. Global Greens have adopted the energy policy of discontinuing the use of coal and

fossil fuels, replacing them with renewable energy while managing energy demand.

We Global Greens are very proud of this policy, and we are trying to realize it around the

world. We need to make an urgent call for energy transition based upon phase-out of coal

and fossil fuels around the world.

Operative Text:

The Global Greens:

1. Resolve to work in a global scale for:

a) A ban on new coal mines and coal mine expansions;

b) A rapid phase-out of fossil fuel power stations and rapid rollout of renewable energy;

c) Divestment from fossil fuels by incentivizing investors to withdraw their capital from

coal, oil and gas companies;

d) A just transition for workers and communities currently reliant on fossil fuels and

related industries.

2. Resolve to oppose new coal mines, and in particular the Adani Carmichael mine, as

part of the struggle for a just transition away from fossil fuels towards a safe, prosperous

and fair society for all.

3. Urge all nations, particularly those with high rates of fossil fuel consumption, to make

a genuine energy transition based upon phase-out of coal and fossil fuels.

4. Resolve to work towards a moratorium on exploitation of Arctic fossil fuel resources

Background Text:

This serves as a reference material and will not be voted on as part of the Resolution

• Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal, and is home to the world’s largest

coal port at Newcastle;

• The Adani Carmichael coal mine, which is opposed by the Wangan and

Jagalingou Traditional Owners and which would ship coal through the Great

Barrier Reef, would be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Allowing the

Adani mine to proceed would open up the Galilee Basin, the world’s largest

untapped thermal coal reserve, and would put the world on a path towards climate


• China is the first in the list of countries by energy consumption; Japan the fifth;

and Korea the eighth. In terms of greenhouse gas emission, China ranks the top

(8,977 million t CO2), Japan the fifth (1,235 million t CO2), and Korea the

seventh (572 million t CO2). In sum, these three Northeast Asian countries are

emitting 33% of the world’s greenhouse gas.

• The massive consumption of fossil fuel in this region affects climate change, as it

causes a serious problem of air pollution by fine dusts. In order to solve this

serious problem, China and Korea must reduce their energy consumption and

increase the use of renewable energy while discontinuing the construction of coal-
fired power plants.



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