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Global Greens Congress 2001 - Free Trade Area of the Americas

Submitted by: Chile, Canada and representatives from United States of America, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Brazilo, Paraguay, Uruguay, Nicaragua.
As amended in response to Resolutions Workshop comments, Sunday 15 April
Agreed unanimously, 16 April 2001

In consideration that the agreement of the Free Trade Areas of the Americas (FTAA) will be negotiated in a closed and undemocratic process next week in Quebec City, Canada; and

Noting that this agreement will further the social and environmental problems already caused by NAFTA and WTO, and revive some MAI issues, by disabling the implementation of policies of public interest by governments, and augmenting the control of corporations on supposedly democratic government decision-making.

It is resolved that the Global Greens

· support only continental integration processes which assure the alleviation of poverty, the consolidation of democracies and the implementation of sustainability, recognising that such integration needs to take place solely through a transparent and participatory process;

· encourage work by the peoples of the Americas to support only continental integration processes which fulfil these objectives.

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