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Activity plan for the Global Greens Women's Network (GGWN)

Around 50 enthusiastic women gathered together the first thing in the morning of the opening day of #Greens2017 Congress in Liverpool. After 1,5 hours of discussion and work, we emerged with an ambitions list of new ideas for an activity plan and a new Coordination.

The participants came up with dozens of ideas of what they’d like to see the Women’s Network doing. The ideas were used to put together the action plan of the Network.

  1. We raise awareness of the Global Greens Women’s Network
  2. We make sure the network is inclusive
  3. We facilitate exchange between green women
  4. We work on topics, including religion, peace, violence, livelihood, citizen rights,
  5. climate change, health, minorities, feminist economy, refugees, culture, media and others
  6. We organise trainings
  7. We organise global activities
  8. We build up the Mentorship Programme
    We do fundraising

Read the whole activity plan here.

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