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12 Principles for Presencing | 身處當下的12個原則

I took a deep dive into Theory U’s  presencing concept by joining a 10 day vision quest in the Colorado mountains with John Milton, pundit behind the presencing concept and spiritual teacher to Theory U authors Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge,  This September’s newsletter offers one perspective on the meaning of presence as explained by John Milton’s Twelve Principles.


Developing Organizational Creativity, Leadership Skills and Team Performance in Nature | 在大自然中培育組織創意、領導技巧與團隊表現

Vision Quests, solo retreats in Nature and Sacred Passages have been the primary source of creative renewal for many human cultures. For example, Vision Quests conducted in the Native American Way involve a period of deep preparation with the help of a qualified shaman, teacher or guide, followed by a wilderness solo at a sacred place in Nature. Normally, the solo time is for three nights and four days. During that time, there is no contact with other humans, one stays inside a specific circular area and often there is a simple fast from food. 



By Thomas Friedman, Foreign Policy


Blue Economy 藍色經濟

I'd like to showcase a popular book and movement called The Blue Economy which began as a project to find 100 of the best nature-inspired innovations to create 100 million jobs within the next 10 years.  The Blue Economy aims to pragmatically transition the conventional model of perpetual industrial growth to a model of sustainably providing for basic human needs through the principle that whatever is necessary in life should be cheap, and whatever is indispensable for life should be for free.


Greens and Environmental NGOs denounce Rio+20 text

Posted by Jean Rossiaud

Early yesterday afternoon there was nobody - or almost nobody - at the People's Summit in Rio, on the magnificent site of Parque do Flamengo.

And for good reason! Environmental campaigners, trade unions, representatives of indigenous peoples, women's organizations were preparing the big demonstration of June 20th.


Organic Organizations | 有機的組織設計

This month I feature an article by Gina Hinrichs titled “Organic Organization Design”, about the evolution of organizational design.  Hinrichs observes how organizations are moving from mechanistic forms to an organic forms characterized by being purpose driven, open, whole, locally focus and empowered, distributed/networked, connected, diverse, growing and changing.  Increasingly more know-how is emerging in the world about how to shape organic processes of change that demonstrate harmony, balance, integration, and ongoing evolution; are more productive and ultimately more resil


Democratic Dialogue | 民主式對話

Green Parties and civil society movements convened in Dakar, Senegal this April 2012 to discuss the world’s critical intractable issues of today, and it was at this Global Greens Congress that I experienced the connection between dialogue and democracy.  From these discussions among 400+ delegates emerged resolutions declaring our common voice on clean technology, the rights of indigenous peoples, sustainable development, LGBT rights, land justice and biodiversity, marine ecosystems, the occupy movement, Syria, Tibet, Western Sahara, Greece, and many more.  The following article


Dialogue Changes The Way We See The World | 對話,改變看世界的觀點

A good dialogue creates quality relationships and can fundamentally change the way one sees the world.


Modern-Day Myths | 現代神話

Learning models and development frameworks have been a staple of my education - it dawned on me this July however, that models like the ones I'm learning serve as our modern-day myths continuing the age-old attempt to give metaphorical form to the transcendent mysteries of life. 

I invite you to explore with me the meaning-making of mythology and their relevance to our individual & collective journey.

The Function of Myth



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