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COP21 Message from Global Greens Ambassador

"Think Globally Act Locally" has been the hallmark of Green Party action since we emerged as a political movement in the 1970's and in Paris it was wonderful to be part of hundreds of Greens from all over the world coming together as a growing force, sharing experiences and skills in the campaign to seriously arrest global warming and secure this global agreement.


COP21 Video Message


COP21 Webinar: Christine Milne

Climate finance will be a key issue to secure an agreement at COP21. How to secure the $100b per year by 2020, whether or not there needs to be a new financial goal set beyond the $100 billion per year by 2020, development of consistently applied financial transparency, reporting and integrity measures, and flexible rules to allow allocations for REDD+, adaptation, loss and damage, technology transfer and capacity building are on the table. There is a strong push from some developed countries to abandon “loss and damage” which will be controversial as it implies a rejection of historical responsibility and compensation above and beyond adaptation.

Australia 'universally condemned' at regional Greens meeting

Too often, the concerns of Pacific Island nations are jettisoned in favour of bigger nations’ interests. The Asia Pacific Greens congress aims to change that. We know that this is the critical decade. If we are going to constrain global warming to less than 2 degrees, let alone the 1.5 degrees being sought by the small island states and a number of leading scientists, we must take strong and urgent action to cut our emissions and break our addiction to coal. The transition to a renewable energy future is full of opportunities for new industry, jobs and skills, but it will take all of us campaigning together to establish the political will for change.

COP20 Interview


A fossil fuel free world should be front and centre for us all in 2015

The Lima climate talks did not go far enough to engender confidence for an ambitious global pact in Paris, but it has pulled negotiations back from the brink of collapse.

If this UN process is to change for the better, we must accept that two realities are being lived by rich and poor nations, and Australia must stop being miserly and obstructive.


The overwhelming emergency of the time is global warming

Greens Leader Christine Milne speaks to the Greens' urgency motion, on the need for the Prime Minister to attend the United Nations Climate Summit, and to recognise that Australia's emissions reduction target is inadequate.

Join The People's Climate March

The planet is on track to heat up two degrees in our lifetimes. Unless we do something the devastating fires, droughts and floods already destroying homes and lives, will be worse still. That's why we need the People’s Climate March on the weekend of the 20th and 21st of September to be the biggest climate mobilisation the world has ever seen. Millions will march around the world in support for ambitious action on climate change, as leaders gather in New York for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s emergency climate summit. You can make it happen. Get your friends along and go to a People’s Climate March event near you.

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