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APGFWN Webinar - Time has Arrived for Women to Lead

 Time has arrived for Women to Lead

Dr. Mansee Bal Bhargava 

Webinar Date: 1st October , 2020 6 am UTC

Registration: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUpcOivqTMsEtwgWkvSBFXrN_yjoTQxdVMh

 Time has arrived for women to Lead

The Planet is under severe distress with the masculine approach of political economy that prioritises development through war, expansionism, division, and capitalism while marginally talking sustainability, environment, and inclusivity. We urgently need Peace and Ecological Wisdom, to heal the Planet. It can be worked out only through a humanistic approach to decision-making.  The most convincing way is to evolve gender-balanced leadership. Women need to do something exceptionally strategic to reach those top political positions made out of the masculine race and often augmented with nepotism and capitalism. Thus, We, the Women, must join mainstream politics and Lead the World!

Dr. Mansee Bal Bhargava is a keen political observer and has been raising her voice on gender-sensitive issues. She has twenty-five years of independent practice in several areas including entrepreneurship, research, and education.She is focused on sustainability with an inclination towards ecological restoration.

Join her on the APGFWN webinar series to listen and learn on the topic -- TIME HAS ARRIVED FOR WOMEN TO LEAD -- on 1 October Thursday 2020 at 6 am UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). She will explain the Techniques for Women in Leadership.

Zoom Meeting ID : 814 7177 8688

Registration: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUpcOivqTMsEtwgWkvSBFXrN_yjoTQxdVMh


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