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Help Save Poland's Białowieża Forest

The last remaining primeval forest in Europe is under threat! 

Illegal logging by the Polish government has led to almost 180,000 trees being cut down this year in the Unesco-protected Białowieża forest.

The European Court of Justice has issued a landmark ruling that Poland must stop the logging immediately. But the destruction has not ceased. It's time to act!

We've teamed up with the Polish Green Party and the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament to campaign to save the Białowieża. Join us and help show the Polish government that European citizens are united in preserving our common heritage in three easy steps:

1) Take a picture with your message of support to the Białowieża forest

2) Upload your photos to our online platform and browse through the gallery to see what messages of support others have posted

3) Share the picture on your social media channels and use the following hashtags to spread our message as far and wide as possible: #Szyszko & #SaveBialowieza

We will eventually print out all of your pictures and messages in a book and hand them to the Polish government and local activists in 2018!

Thanks for your support!

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