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  • Proposed by: Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela
  • Adopted at the 4th Global Greens Congress, Liverpool 2017


On March 28th, 2017 the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela dissolved the National Assembly, which was elected by popular consensus and legitimated. The sentences n° 155 and 156 erased the Parliamentary Immunity, and gives to the Former President of Venezuela, Mr. Nicolas Maduro the faculties to unlimited powers in subjects such as social, political, militaries, economic, penitentiaries matters. Through this judgement they pretend to consolidate the Executive Power as the only Authority able to take important legal and jurisdictional decisions, under the concept of possible foreign threat that would be only in his hands to handle.

Operative Text:

The Global Greens ask for the support from all the Green Parliamentarians of the world to work towards the reestablishment of the rule of law and ensure fair procedures for the national general elections in Venezuela.  This constitutes the only non-violent solution for Venezuelans.  At the same time it will improve the position and endorse the commitments of Venezuela in the international community.

Background Text:

Back in December 2015, were held the last parliamentary elections where the opposition from Venezuela obtained a majority of almost 80% of the population support. Thus, becoming the only Public Power ruled by opposition in the country. The rest of the Public Powers are being ruled by the same political party, the one from the current government, violating the autonomy of political powers, not recognizing their duties and benefits as parliamentarians, not receiving their salaries, receiving threatens, and have never been able to do their work.


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