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Support the Colombian pursuit of peace, the fight against corruption and the environment priorities

  • Proposed by: Alianza Verde (Colombia)
  • Adopted at the 4th Global Greens Congress, Liverpool 2017

Operative Text:

Reaffirming, our full support to the efforts of the Colombian people in their overcoming of the internal armed conflict and the building of a sustainable peace. In particular the Peace Agreement between the Colombian Government and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), we hope this can also be materializes with the Ejercito de Liberación Nacional (ELN).

Searching, the end of the long armed conflict that have produced more than 230 thousand deaths, (70% of them civilians and more than 5 million people internally displaced, and thousand more of victims in kidnappings, disappeared and mutilated deserves the support of the world).

Wishing, the ending a conflict that in a dramatic way have also affected the ecosystems and natural resources of Colombia and the world, demands in an special way the support of the planet greens.

Expressing, our solidarity and compromise with the Colombian Green Party which is promoting the Popular Anticorruption Consult, as a strategy for mobilizing the civil society that searches the restitution of the public ethic, protecting the public resources as a collective group, punishing exemplarily the public servers guilty of corruption acts and to free the Colombian democracy of a problem that according to the General Comptroller significates more resources than the war, with the loss of 16 thousand million dollars each year that could be used for reducing the enormous social and territorial disparities or to protect the enormous ambient patrimony of Colombia.

Reaffirming, our constant support of the civilians, whose promote multiply environmental initiatives. Those civilians mobilizations are in a constant danger in hands of several multinationals that come to the country with the objective to exploit our minerals, in most of the cases they make it in large scale. Also, we support to all the civil mobilizations that pursuit the protection of our natural recourses, as an example is de Tomas Van Der Hammen Forestall Reserve in Bogotá, Colombia. The constitutional reform promoted from the green parliamentarians pursuit the constitution of the water as a fundamental right for Colombians, it is one of our priorities to support that initiative. 

Background Text:

Thomas Van der Hammen forestall reserved 

The Thomas Van der Hammen forestall reserved, which has an area of 13.950.000 square meters is located in the northern border of Bogota D.C (Colombia’s Capital), which extends itself from the Oriental Mountains until the Bogota River.  The Forestall Reserve was catalogued as an entity of great ecological value and for this reason it was designated to the creation of an ecological area that connects in a more appropriate way the Oriental Mountains and the Bogota River.  Currently the Green Party and other ecological movements are in a discussion with the current administration because of the Bogota`s Town Hall initiative to build houses in this area.


The Fuerzas Armadas de Colombia (FARC) is de oldest guerrilla in Latin America with 52 years of existence. It began as result of a war between farmers and politicians, it was more than 20.000 men armed. From 2012 Colombian government and the FARC are in a process of peace. That process take form with de sign of a formal peace agreement in 2016. Today, the people who were part of FARC are concentrated in especial zones, where they are giving away their weapons and all revel attitude.


The Ejercito de Liberación Nacional (ELN) is the second most important guerrilla of Colombia.  It began in the 60’s decade at the north east of the country, taking as a base the protection of natural resources and the ideas of Cuban revolution. Since February 8th of 2017 the negotiation talks began between de government and revels with the hope we can of researching a peace agreement.


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