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South China Sea Dispute 2017

  • Proposed by Green Party Taiwan
  • Adopted by the 4th Global Greens Congress, Liverpool 2017

Operative Text:

  1. Green Parties of the world should seek all avenues to urge the South China Sea’s neighboring countries to initiate multilateral negotiations and peacefully resolve disputes.
  2. Global Greens opposes any activity that escalates conflict, including arms races and the expansion of Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) in South China Sea.  Global Greens also urges all nations to halt existing and prevent new development projects, such as airport runway construction and land reclamation for military bases, so as to gradually recover the ecology of the coral reef islands.
  3. Global Greens urges surrounding nations to collaborate to protect local ecology and transform the South China Sea into a research base for marine and climate change studies.

Background Text:

The South China Sea is home to a rich ecology of tropical islands and precious coral reefs. Its neighboring countries, however, contend for the sovereignty of its islands and waters, rather than collaborate to protect its natural resources and regional stability. Military development not only adds the potential for conflict in the South China Sea, but also jeopardizes its marine ecology. South China Sea is among the areas most affected by climate change, and sovereignty disputes have clouded opportunities for international research and collaboration.


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