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Reparations for slavery and slave trade and its aftermath

  • Proposed by:  Les Verts Fraternels Mauritius
  • Adopted at the 4th Global Greens Congress, Liverpool 2017


Whereas the Atlantic and Indian Oceans Slave Trade and the enslavement of African people have been declared as crimes against humanity by the United Nations in 2001, and 

Whereas various European powers enslaved millions of African peoples in the Americas, Indian Ocean and other places for hundreds of years

Whereas these same powers gained unparalleled benefits from this injustice

Whereas these same powers purported to manumit the said slaves without compensation, but instead compensated those who enslaved them

Whereas the effects of this global injustice lingers today in the conditions of living of the descendants of those enslaved peoples

Operative Text:

Be it resolved that the Global Green Movement demands that that justice requires that the said enslaving powers enter into immediate and serious discussions with the representative of the descendants of the enslaved to repair the damage done by paying comprehensive just and adequate reparations to the descendants of those enslaved millions.


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