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Rejection of Resolution 3339/E/2017 Argentine Government

  • Proposed by Partido Ecologista Verde on behalf of Argentinian Greens (not full members)
  • Adopted at the 4th Global Greens Congress, Liverpool 2017


On February 15,2017 the Argentine government issued joit resolution 3339, which establishes a system to stimulate soya trnsgenic production for 65 millions direct affection to the indigenous people, deepening defortation of more than 200.000 hectareas per year. The incentive has the clear intenttion of expanding the current agroindustrial and monocultive model in region

Operative Text:

Refusal the argentine government resolution 3339-E/2017 which establishes system soya transgenic production for 65 millions dolar because deeping defortation, direct affect indigeous people and amenace the food supply soberanity

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