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Protection of Coral Reefs

  • Proposed by Partido Verde Ecologista de México
  • Adopted by the 4th Global Greens Congress, Liverpool 2017

Noting that:

  • The principle of Ecological Wisdom, stated in the Global Greens Charter, calls the Greens to acknowledge that human society depends on the ecological resources of the planet, and must ensure the integrity of ecosystems and preserve biodiversity and the resilience of life supporting systems.
  • Point 5 of the “21 Commitments for the 21st Century” Declaration, indicates that the Greens are committed to respect and preserve biodiversity, including a commitment to campaign at national and international level to protect oceans and their biodiversity.
  • The resolution on “Sustainable management of the world’s oceans, fisheries and marine ecosystems”, approved in Dakar 2012 Congress, contains 14 points in order to respond to the urgent need for efficient global ocean governance.
  • The rapid decline and loss of coral reefs around the world is having significant social, economic, and environmental consequences. This situation demands more effective actions to ensure the protection and conservation of these ecosystems.

Green Parties and groups belonging to the Global Greens should campaign for the protection and conservation of coral reefs around the world, including the following actions among others:

1. Canalizing more funds for ocean research and conservation programs.

2. Declaring more marine reserves in areas with high concentration of corals.

3. Granting legal protection to all coral species in the national legislations.

4. Increasing the fines and penalties for damages to marine ecosystems, caused by human activities.

5. Promoting a better coordination of local populations, governments, NGOs and international authorities dedicated to ocean conservation.


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