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Rwanda elects Green Senator to Parliament!

27 September, 2020
The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has two Members of Parliament since September 2018. Mr. Alexis Mugisha is their first Senator elected! Read more

Ni solidare subtenas demokration: deklaro de la Mondaj Verduloj.

Credit: Michael Mandiberg
26 August, 2020
La Mondaj Verduloj montras sian solidarecon kun ĉiuj, kiuj celas atingi kaj konservi la fundamentajn homajn rajtojn, kiuj estas gravigitaj en demokratio. Read more

Indian Green Party - Press Releases

19 August, 2020
The Corona pandemic has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Government of India. The social distancing and the lockdown situation have also given the government an opportunity to unethically favour the favourite corporates. The people are not allowed to speak against the projects that will have devastating impact on the environment and displace the people. One such move is the draft Environment Impact Assessment-2020 or EIA-2020 which does not acknowledge the best global practices and shamelessly favours the corporates. The India Greens Party cannot accept such decisions of the government! Read more

Estamos en Solidaridad con la Democracia: una declaración de Global Greens

Credit: Michael Mandiberg
17 August, 2020
La democracia es un valor fundamental de la política verde. Los Verdes Globales nos solidarizamos con todas las personas que tratan de alcanzar y preservar los derechos humanos fundamentales que están arraigados en la democracia. Read more

Nous Sommes Solidaires pour la Démocratie: une déclaration des Verts Mondiaux

Credit: Michael Mandiberg
17 August, 2020
Les Verts Mondiaux témoignent leur solidarité avec toutes les personnes qui cherchent à atteindre et préserver les droits humains fondamentaux qui sont encrés dans la démocratie. Nous vivons un moment charnière à l'échelle mondiale... Read more

We Stand in Solidarity for Democracy: a Global Greens statement

Credit: Michael Mandiberg
17 August, 2020
The Greens are in solidarity with all who stand for democracy and our universal human rights. Your struggle is our struggle. We are united as a global family with a shared future and aspirations for sustainability. We join with you in your fight and we send you a message of determination, hope and self-belief! Read more

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