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Webinar - The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice

6 July, 2018

The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice

A Global Greens webinar in collaboration with Green Party United States

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Recruitment Call for the position of Global Greens Executive Secretary

5 July, 2018
The Executive Secretary is responsible for facilitating the connection, consolidation and campaigning among the Members of the Global Greens, including managing the day-to-day operations of the GG Secretariat. The GG Executive Secretary is accountable to the Global Greens Coordination (GGC) committee which consists of political representatives of the four regional federations: African Greens Federation, Asia Pacific Greens Federation, European Green Party, Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas. You will receive direction and day-to-day management from the Global Greens Convenors and from your fellow Greens with whom you work as a team locally, nationally, regionally and globally. The Executive Secretary's work plan will be developed in collaboration with the successful applicant; the work consists in general of the following responsibilities: Read more

GG Webinar - Green Politics in Coalitions

29 June, 2018
Date: Monday, 09 July 2018, Time: 10:30am UTC. In this webinar: Green activists discuss their experience forming coalitions in different contexts: as a candidate in elections, as a parliamentarian at the local and national levels, in government and within the Global Greens family. The webinar begins with Christine Milne speaking about her autobiography An Activist Life and some lessons learned from her experience being part of the Australian Green's development since its founding in 1972, contesting elections, being in parliament at both the local and national levels and being in a government coalition. Christine then interviews the panel of speakers about their different experiences in coalitions. Audience members will be invited to join the discussion to reflect together on what it means in practice for Greens to think and act locally and globally at the same time. Read more

Combating Climate Change is fighting for women's rights

APGF Women's Network - Webinar
28 June, 2018

You all are Cordially Invited to the Webinar.

Lets inspire each other and meet women from all over the world by participating in the Webinar.

Hope to see you all there!

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Green Party Korea 2018 Local Election Report

(Shin, Ji-ye candidate for Seoul Mayor) & (Go, Eun-young candidate for Jeju Island Governor)
21 June, 2018

From Feminist Seoul Mayor to Jeju Governor with No Development

“I am a Feminist Candidate for Seoul Mayor.” (Shin, Ji-ye candidate for Seoul Mayor)

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Korean Feminist candidate fares well in Seoul mayoral race despite opposition

Shin Ji-ye  (Photo credit: Yonhap)
13 June, 2018
Green Party candidate Shin Ji-ye who ran on a platform of feminism and the protection of animal rights surprised voters after finishing fourth in this year’s heavily contested Seoul mayor’s race. The feminist candidate won over 80,000 votes, according to the National Election Commission, fending off competition from the likes of left-wing candidate Kim Jong-min from the Justice Party. Shin is thought to be the first candidate in South Korea’s political history to openly run on a feminist platform. Read more

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