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FPVA Carta al Presidente Argentino

16 November, 2019
Aprovechamos esta significativa ocasión para dar todo nuestro apoyo a los Verdes de Argentina cuyas capacidades, aplicadas a la conducción del Ministerio del Ambiente, serán un claro mensaje de su gobierno a nivel internacional sobre su convicción ambiental. Read more

Chile’s Partido Ecologista Verde has a message to the Global Greens

14 November, 2019

Chile’s Partido Ecologista Verde explains the social unrest in Chile and their conviction to address the government’s abuses and the climate crisis.

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Bolivia’s Partido Verde Ecologista Denuncia el gobierno de Evo Morales

13 November, 2019


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Statement in support of Iraq

12 November, 2019

Statement in support of Iraq

12 November 2019

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COP25 Global Greens Webinar

29 October, 2019
COP25 Global Greens Webinar 
A video recording of the Webinar discussion is available here - 
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12% of all waste in Mexico is plastic

11 October, 2019

Reports from organizations like Global Ocean Commission, United Nations, and Greenpeace have been alerting of an acute augmentation of global plastic products production.

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