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Green Parties around the world

There are now over 100 Green parties around the world.  A full alphabetical listing with links to local sites where available can be found below.  Please click here for a listing by Federation.

Full Member Parties (91)

  • Mongolia: Civil Will Green Party of Mongolia - Mongolian
  • Mongolia: Mongolian Green Party - Mongolian

Observers and Associate Member Parties (18)

  • Australia: Federation for a Democratic China Australia
  • Azerbejan: Azerbejzan Greens - English Azerbaijani
  • Belarus: Belarus Greens
  • Bulgaria: Zelenite/The Greens - English Deutsch Bulgarian
  • Costa Rica: Partido Verde Ecologista de Costa Rica
  • Croatia: Zelena Lista/Croatia Greens - Croatian
  • Denmark: Socialistisk Folkeparti - EnglishDansk 
  • Dominican Republic: Partido Verde Dominicano
  • French Guyana: Les Verts de Guyane - Français
  • Guatemala: Partido Los Verdes de Guatemala
  • Nepal: Hariyali Nepal Party (Green Nepal Party)
  • Nicaragua: Verdes en Alianza
  • Philippines: Philippines Greens
  • Russia: Green Russia - English (1)English (2)Russian
  • Serbia - Zeleni/Greens of Serbia - EnglishSerbo-Croat
  • Spain - Equo - Spanish
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Green Alliance
  • Turkey: Turkey Yesiller/Greens of Turkey - English (1)English (2)Turkish

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