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Global Greens News

Global Greens News is a periodic Global Greens newsletter, featuring a quick overview of what's happening round the Green world. You can read past issues below.

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Global Greens Newsletter JULY 2014

G 20: Civil society calls for climate change to be a stand-alone issue on the agenda - OTHER CLIMATE NEWS - Global Greens shocked by Egyptian court decision on Al Jazeera English journalists and the assault on press freedom - European Elections: Green result is a mandate for change in Europe US Green Party National Convention 2014 and 30th Years anniversary - Green Party of Canada Convention - Main Outcomes from the Third African Greens Congress in Madagascar - Indian elections and the new Narendra Modi government. Concerns about Hindutva agenda and fast modernisation Become a Friend of the Global Greens: the campaign is starting - Global Greens is now a non-profit organisation Read online
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News from the world - Global Greens Newsletter END OF APRIL 2014

• European Elections • Act Now to help Syrian Refugees • 20th anniversary of Rwandan Genocide • Mexican Green Fighting for Animal Rights • Brasilian Greens Presidential Campaign for 2014 will focus on Green core values • Australian Greens Successful Campaign for Senate • Greens globally united in reaction against nuclear power and climate change on anniversaries of nuclear disasters and last IPCC report • Greens across borders - one big family • Be Green globally joint fundraising event • Make a regular donation to the global greens - become a FROGG Read online
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Newsletter enf of april 2014.pdf

Global Greens Newsletter February 2014



  • European Greens Campaign
  • Protests in Ukraine and Venezuela
  • Movimiento Ecologico de Venezuela on the students protests
  • NZ Going Solar
  • The Philippine Green Party's Village Eco-Governance Development Framework
  • Land Grabbing in Africa
  • The Group of 20 – G20 Australia
  • Australia Lost votes cause new election
  • Eastern Africa Greens Federation established in Kampala, Uganda

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GG Newsletter Feb 2014

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