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Global Greens News is a periodic Global Greens newsletter, featuring a quick overview of what's happening round the Green world. You can read past issues below.

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GG News in March 2015 includes a Global Greens statement for International Women's Day: Empower women. Empower humanity, the Lima Declaration by the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas and an invitation to the Asia Pacific Greens Congress in New Zealand in June. Also news and views from the Green world - Niger to Pakistan, Netherlands to Mexico - and links for elections coming up in Finland and the UK. Register to vote if you're eligible.

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Global Greens News 31 December 2014

Global Greens News: December 2014

Goodbye 2014

Our last Global Greens News for 2014 comes soon after the disappointing - though not entirely disastrous - COP20 climate conference in Lima Peru; read the Greens' verdict below. There is also a link to the Global Greens statement condemning the Taliban's barbaric slaughter of the children in Peshawar. Plus - an interview with outgoing EGP Secretary-General Jacqueline Cremers, other news from the Green world and a look back at the year by Global Greens Convener Margaret Blakers.

Next year we plan to produce Global Greens News bi-monthly focusing on news by and about Greens. We welcome your suggestions for subjects and writers (send them to [email protected]). Happy reading and best wishes to everyone for a Green 2015.

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GG News December 2014: COP20 Climate Action

  • Global Greens Statement: Greens call for ambitious, fair, legalling binding climate agreement 
  • Greens in Lima
  • Burkina Faso: les Verts participent à la transition démocratique 
  • FPVA Conference 
  • Green Party Taiwan wins first two seats in local elections! 
  • Economic Challenges of Climate Change Adaption in South Asia 
  • UN Climate Talks and the EU's Role 
  • The Green Climate Fund is not a charity, but an investment in our shared future 

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Global Greens News: November 2014

Global Greens News: November 2014

Action Everywhere

What a time! September saw the huge #PeoplesClimate mobilisations around the world change the story on climate change: people are standing up and fighting. 2646 events from 162 countries, including the biggest-ever climate marches in New York, Paris and plenty more places besides. You can see photos from Greens around the world here. Governments on the other hand are nowhere near doing what's needed. According to the European Greens, the European Union has abdicated climate leadership with the weak targets it has adopted.

Just this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns again of 'severe, pervasive and irreversible effects on people and ecosystems' if climate change goes unchecked. The future can be brighter -- but we need political will.

In other news, the Swedish Greens have entered government with ‘a radical environmental agenda’ (great!), the Australians are out campaigning for the climate in the lead up to the G20 meeting, and Greens from Togo to Florida are tackling dangerous waste. Greens have also contested elections in Brazil, New Zealand, Bolivia and Canada. Read on.

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Global Greens News September 2014: Climate Change Action

The Global Greens call for:

  1. Phase out government support for fossil fuels
  2. Stop deforestation and degradation of natural forests and other natural ecosystems
  3. Energy and equity for all through shifting to 100% renewable energy so as to lift people out of energy poverty and to end nuclear power
  4. Meet climate finance pledges urgently with new additional grants not loans
  5. Provide locally appropriate adaptation measures through Green Economy policies to enable the systemic changes needed for a sustainable, resilient and prosperous society
  6. Commit to a binding global post-2020 agreement in Paris in 2015 with targets based on science and consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C.
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Global Greens News September 2014- Climate Change Action.pdf

Global Greens Newsletter JULY 2014

G 20: Civil society calls for climate change to be a stand-alone issue on the agenda - OTHER CLIMATE NEWS - Global Greens shocked by Egyptian court decision on Al Jazeera English journalists and the assault on press freedom - European Elections: Green result is a mandate for change in Europe US Green Party National Convention 2014 and 30th Years anniversary - Green Party of Canada Convention - Main Outcomes from the Third African Greens Congress in Madagascar - Indian elections and the new Narendra Modi government. Concerns about Hindutva agenda and fast modernisation Become a Friend of the Global Greens: the campaign is starting - Global Greens is now a non-profit organisation Read online
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GG News July 2014.pdf

Global Greens News, April 2014

• European Elections • Act Now to help Syrian Refugees • 20th anniversary of Rwandan Genocide • Mexican Green Fighting for Animal Rights • Brasilian Greens Presidential Campaign for 2014 will focus on Green core values • Australian Greens Successful Campaign for Senate • Greens globally united in reaction against nuclear power and climate change on anniversaries of nuclear disasters and last IPCC report • Greens across borders - one big family • Be Green globally joint fundraising event • Make a regular donation to the global greens - become a FROGG Read online
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Newsletter enf of april 2014.pdf

Global Greens Newsletter February 2014



  • European Greens Campaign
  • Protests in Ukraine and Venezuela
  • Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela on the students protests
  • NZ Going Solar
  • The Philippine Green Party's Village Eco-Governance Development Framework
  • Land Grabbing in Africa
  • The Group of 20 – G20 Australia
  • Australia Lost votes cause new election
  • Eastern Africa Greens Federation established in Kampala, Uganda

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GG Newsletter Feb 2014

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