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The Swedish Green Party for the first time ever has formed government with the Social Democratic Party following the elections on 14 September. Six out of 24 ministers are Green and the Statement of Government Policy has clear Green imprints. Greens will also be part of the ruling coalition in Sweden's five major cities. Congratulations to the Swedish Greens on this exciting achievement. Read more
The Australian Greens have employed innovative strategies to deliver concrete outcomes on climate change. The new challenge posed by Tony Abbott's ultra-conservative Liberal Party government is the latest opportunity to affirm the power of data-driven grassroots campaigning and smart negotiation in parliament. Read more
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As decided upon during our last congress in Madagascar, AGF sent delegates to support the Swedish Green Party in the September 14th general elections. Other delegates came from Eastern Europe and South America.   All delegates arrived on Monday 8th September and recieved a welcoming dinner, the same night at one of the buildings of the Swedish Parlianment.  Green Forum's Chairman, Lars Olof Karlson, Secretary General Chris Ormalm, several board members and EU Member of Parlianment-Bodil... Read more
今日(8/30)綠黨召開聯合參選說明記者會,雖然場地因華山文創園區前一天臨時拒借移至台大校友會館,但參與熱度不受影響,支持民眾湧入把場地擠爆,隨著綠黨12位參選人發言越來越烈,以綠黨政策顧問身份登台的中研院副研究員吳介民老師,也忍不住發出驚人之語,直言也想以綠黨候選人身分登台。 2014九合一選舉,綠黨共推出遍佈北北基、桃園、新竹、高雄、澎湖12位候選人,每位都以堅定的決心上台表達參選意願及當選方針,桃園平鎮市議員候選人湯琳翔更直接表明:「以前人民要在議會表達意見或許得靠翻牆,但今年我們要帶著社運的力量,以議員的身分堂堂正正走進議會。」,包括湯琳翔在內,綠黨這次有7位青年人投入地方選戰,清新旺盛的氣息讓前輩老師們都說想出來選都覺得不好意思,政治大學地政學系徐世榮教授還爆料,之前與中壢市議員王浩宇拍了張合照,結果一直被問是不是浩宇的爸爸。 現場除了候選人和社會運動前輩,特別的是還有位外國朋友登台發言,來自英國倫敦大學台灣研究中心主任Dyfadd Fell教授好幾次直接言論讓台下一片點頭如搗蒜,Dyfadd說:「綠黨現在很像一個政黨,這不是說壞話歐」,Dyfadd解釋說,... Read more
2010 Platform: Ecological Sustainability The human community is an element of the Earth community, not the other way around. All human endeavors are situated within the dynamics of the biosphere. If we wish to have sustainable institutions and enterprises, they must fit well with the processes of the Earth. The ideology of industrialism, in both capitalist and communist countries, insists that modern society lives on top of nature and should rightly use and despoil the rest of the natural world... Read more
This article was first published for the COP 15 Global Climate Campaign, and is being republished to emphasize the continued need for climate action as we approach the COP 20 meeting in Lima, Peru this December 1-12, 2014. To express support for the success of COP meeting, Greens Japan held seminars, events, and parades in 23 locations in Japan(see map below) to call on the Japanese government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020 without using nuclear power plants. . Y【福島県郡山市/... Read more
English version: Αγαπητα μελη της οργανωσης "Παγκοσμιοι Πρασινοι", Σήμερα είναι μια μεγάλη μέρα. Σήμερα είναι η μέρα που οι Παγκόσμια Πράσινοι ξεκιναμε την πρώτη μας εκστρατεία - και θέλουμε να ακούσουμε και την αποψη σας!    Η υπερθέρμανση του πλανήτη επηρεάζει τους πάντες, από τους κυβερνώντες  μεχρι τους απλούς πολίτες. Τα Πράσινα κόμματα παντού οδηγούν την εκστρατεία για επείγουσες λύσεις κατα της αλλαγής του κλίματος... Read more
  To: Global Greens International Secretaries and Primary Contacts, Global warming affects everyone - and Green parties around the world are taking action on climate change from grassroots to government. From stopping government support for the fossil fuel rush to preserving our natural systems, protecting our climate is a top priority for Greens everywhere. The Global Greens is launching a Climate Campaign in August 2014 to bring all these actions together. For the first time, we are employing... Read more
各位全球綠人,大家好! 今天是個大日子。今天是全球綠黨推出第一個活動的日子,我們希望聽到您的聲音! 全球暖化影響到每個人。從政府到基層,世界各國的綠黨皆致力於推動亟待解決的氣候變遷問題的活動。 我們之中有許多人因此經歷過大成功,也得到過大教訓,而現在正是結合我們過去所有的努力,並發揚光大的時候。 這就是為什麼來自台灣的Keli和來自澳大利亞的Josh在這裡幫助您和您的綠黨將您對抗氣候變遷所採取的行動傳達給全球各地人們知道的原因。 您正在採取行動對抗氣候變遷嗎?是參加抗議活動,阻止危險的煤、天然氣或核能計畫的進行嗎?還是規劃社區的太陽能計畫?亦或推動政治改革? 請與我們分享。我們將以各種語言,不只是英文,進行這個活動,請以您的母語寫信給我們,並寄送大量的照片、視頻和故事介紹您的環保行動,我們將確保世界各地的綠人都能看到您的成果:[email protected] 這是本次活動的第一部分:與世界各地的綠人分享您的行動,所以我們可以互相啟發。接下來,我們將一起參與今年對抗氣候變遷的各項盛事。 綠色運動將是一系列盛事的主軸,包括將於九月舉辦的「世界各地人民總動員」(... Read more
  Queridos amigos y amigas: El calentamiento global afecta a todas las personas. Los partidos verdes alrededor del mundo están tomando medidas sobre el Cambio Climático desde las bases hasta el gobierno. Este mes de agosto, Global Greens lanzará una Campaña sobre el Clima para mostrar cómo el Cambio Climático afecta a los países y comunidades de todo el mundo y cuáles son las medidas que los Verdes están tomando a nivel mundial para crear un futuro sostenible. Únete a la Campaña: 1. Contribuye... Read more
On Sunday September 21 I will be with my daughter in New York, marching with tens of thousands of concerned citizens – demanding action on the climate crisis. The march is timed to build pressure on world leaders and in support of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Solutions Summit on September 23. In December 2013, I was in Warsaw at the 19th Conference of the Parties within the world’s legally binding climate treaty, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change when the Secretary... Read more
The Global Greens are concerned for the well-being of the National Organising Secretary of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR), Mr Jean Damascene Munyeshyaka, who went missing on 27 June. We strongly support the call by the DGPR for the Rwandan authorities to expedite their investigations. People should be able to participate in politics without fear for their safety. Read more
The Green family is the world's fastest growing political family with members in nearly 90 countries. Friends of Global Greens (FROGG) are working together to make the Global Greens into a truly influential organisation – and we need you to join us. YOU can become a FROGG by making a regular donation to the Global Greens. You will join others across the globe working together to enhance Green cooperation and create global partnerships, offer capacity building and support global networks and... Read more
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By Marko Ulvila The results of the month-long Indian parliamentary elections were announced on May 16, 2014. The Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) increased its vote share to 31 percent and got a simple majority in the Lower House (Lok Sabha) with 282 seats out of 543. Other partners in the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) secured 54 seats, taking the NDA tally to 336 seats. The gain of 166 seats is the biggest victory since the 1984 election where Rajiv Gandhi of the... Read more
On May 28th 2014, the Global Greens was legally recognized as an International Non-Profit Organization in Belgium. We are proud of this achievement and a big thank you to all the people who contributed and supported the registration process. Read more
Green Party Taiwan is an open platform for civil society, and welcomes all who share in a Green political philosophy, values and goals. This is our time to turn Taiwan around! Green Party Taiwan shares the spirit of Greens around the world, and since 1996 Green Party Taiwan (GPTW) has been operating from the grassroots building a party genuinely concerned about democracy, human rights, our environment, labor, gender and diversity.  For many years the Greens have been actively building a... Read more
The Green Party has today announced a suite of major election policies to transition New Zealand to carbon neutrality by 2050, including a charge on carbon that will be returned to all households as a Climate Tax Cut on the first $2000 of income, leaving Kiwi families better off. The components of the Green Party climate protection plan are: A goal of net carbon neutrality by 2050 The establishment of an independent Climate Commission to provide expert and independent advice to the... Read more
By Suresh Nautiyal (Green activist, journalist and GGC Member) IN INDIA, the 16th Lok Sabha (lower house) General Election will conclude this May 12, 2014 and the election results will be announced on May 16 about India's next central government. The outcome is uncertain. Whereas Indian voters feel disenchanted with the ruling United Progressive Alliance led by the Indian National Congress (INC), the main opposition National Democratic Alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has not... Read more
The first ever 'be green globally' event will start on April 12th and last until the Earth Day on April 22nd. Organized in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States, it can be joined from everywhere by registering to Be green globally is a ten-day sharing of ideas and helping to raise money for our common efforts to make the world we live in a greener, cleaner, more inclusive one for us and all those that follow us. Read more


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