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Action everywhere! In September Greens joined people around the world mobilising to change the story on climate change while most governments continue recalcitrant. Plus good news from Sweden and election news from Brazil, New Zealand, Bolivia and Canada. Read more
The Green Party of Bolivia contested the elections held on 12 October, one of only five parties permitted to run. Evo Morales won in a landslide with 61% of the vote. The Greens gained a creditable 2.7% and are now a respected player in national politics. Read more
Local government elections held on October 27, 2014 in Canada’s most populous province were punctuated with victories by three Green Party notables. One incumbent and two newcomers were elected in Ontario. In the national capital city of Ottawa, former Green Party of Canada leadership candidate David Chernushenko was re-elected in Capital Ward with a commanding 76.36% portion of the popular vote. Chernushenko, who was first elected in 2010 and has served on the city’s Transportation and... Read more
Brazilian Greens flag
Con las manifestaciones callejeras de junio de 2013, sin precedentes en la historia del país, los analistas políticos afirmaban que las elecciones de octubre de 2014 podrían sufrir las consecuencias del fuerte deseo de cambio y protestas que han sido manifestados por las personas en las calles. Los verdes han elegido ocho diputados federales (frente a catorce en la elecciones de 2010). Un profundo análisis aún queda por hacer, pero la ola conservadora es claramente un factor negativo para el... Read more
Despite the swing to right-wing parties in New Zealand's latest election, the Greens held all 14 of the seats they captured at the last election, when they increased their presence in parliament from nine to 14 seats. Read more
在瑞士,青年綠人們長期以來主動的組織各種活動,積極向瑞士人宣傳全球暖化的議題。Martin Neukom 解釋了這些行動背後的原因。 瑞士已經明顯感受到全球暖化的衝擊: 冰河正在融化,預計在2050年瑞士只會剩下一條冰河。長期以來冰凍的土地正在解凍,山崩頻傳。而瑞士很可能就快面臨第一次的水資源問題。在十多年前,沒有人相信這些會發生。因此青年綠人們決定以行動宣傳這些問題並推廣可行解決方案。 2005年,青年綠人號召抵制運動休旅車(Sport Utility Vehicle, SUV),並倡議禁止運動休旅車上路。最後,這場活動成功的促使國會提案,限制新車的平均排碳量。 為宣導汽車浪費空間的概念,瑞士綠人們將多達十輛的腳踏車放置於一個停車格中,並且在路上畫上腳踏車的停車格,鼓勵以腳踏車代替汽車。  在蘇黎世(Zurich),每年的九月二十二號,青年綠人們都會組織腳踏車示威活動。這一天正是全球無車日,整整兩個小時,腳踏車可以占據整條蘇黎世的道路。這場盛事每年都有五百人左右參加。  最後,在瑞士的一個城市,索洛圖恩(Solothurn),綠人們裝扮成企鵝和北極熊,抗議氣候問題引起極地冰層融化,... Read more
The Swedish Green Party for the first time ever has formed government with the Social Democratic Party following the elections on 14 September. Six out of 24 ministers are Green and the Statement of Government Policy has clear Green imprints. Greens will also be part of the ruling coalition in Sweden's five major cities. Congratulations to the Swedish Greens on this exciting achievement. Read more
Workshops held by India's Uttarakhand Parivartan Party as part of the Global Greens climate campaign in September produced the 'Dehradun Resolution on Climate Change' appealing to the world's leadership to commit itself to climate change mitigation. Amongst other things the resolution says: the welfare of living beings has to be strengthened as part and parcel of the ecological system; there has to be a balance between consumption and production; it is very important not to haphazardly withdraw... Read more
Picture by UNclimatechange, on Flickr
Climate change adds new complexity to the interdependency between migration and the environment. Rwanda, Kenya and other African countries have experienced dramatic impacts from drought and famine leading to environmental migration in the last decade. Environmental migration is a transnational issue that requires structured dialogue between Africa and Europe and a coherent policy on migration and climate change including investment in the Green Climate Fund. Read more
On Sunday 21st September, all around the world, citizens came together to call governments across the globe to take their responsibility and take real action to protect the planet. In many parts of the globe, citizens called for a real energy transition to renewable energy sources as well as a real ecological transformation of our society. Many great actions are taking place, and it is just the beginning. We, the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, are willing to make this growing... Read more
plastic bag nightmare 001 by Zainub Razvi, on Flickr
La gestion des sachets plastiques non biodégradables au Togo est un « casse chinois » que nous pourrons désormais appeler un « casse-tête togolais ». En effet, depuis bientôt un quart de siècle, l'utilisation des sachets plastiques non biodégradables comme emballage est devenue un des éléments récurrent dans le vécu quotidien de la plupart des togolaises et togolais tout strate de niveau de vie confondu. A travers cet article, nous allons tenter d'apporter quelques approches de réponses.... Read more
Broken ground by rumolay, on Flickr
Le PVG dans sa constitution stipule que chaque guinéen a droit à l'eau fraîche, à l'air pur et le toit sur la tête. Les guinéens aspirent au bonheur, à la paix et à la sécurité. Le parti dans son souci de promouvoir la sécurité est beaucoup concerné par le changement climatique en Guinée. La sécurité du citoyen est mise en danger avec le changement dramatique du climat. The Guinea Green Party defends the right to enjoy fresh water, clean air and a home. Guineans wish to live in happiness, peace... Read more
The Australian Greens have employed innovative strategies to deliver concrete outcomes on climate change. The new challenge posed by Tony Abbott's ultra-conservative Liberal Party government is the latest opportunity to affirm the power of data-driven grassroots campaigning and smart negotiation in parliament. Read more
As decided upon during our last congress in Madagascar, AGF sent delegates to support the Swedish Green Party in the September 14th general elections. Other delegates came from Eastern Europe and South America.   All delegates arrived on Monday 8th September and recieved a welcoming dinner, the same night at one of the buildings of the Swedish Parlianment.  Green Forum's Chairman, Lars Olof Karlson, Secretary General Chris Ormalm, several board members and EU Member of Parlianment-Bodil... Read more
Publicado en Rota al Día, Buen ambiente se respiró ayer durante todo el día en el parque "El Mayeto" donde se centraron gran parte de las actividades que un grupo de ciudadanos roteños idearon para sumarse a la cita mundial de hacer visible su posición y preocupación por el cambio climático. Concienciados y convencidos de que hay que hacer algo para que las instituciones gubernamentales modifiquen sus políticas sociales, económicas y medioambientales en pos de proteger el planeta, durante este... Read more
Le changement climatique global quel impact à l’échelle locale: les Systèmes doivent changer et non le CLIMAT L’étude de cas du MAROC  PORTE  SUR LA PROBLEMATIQUE posée  au sein de l’université verte africaine depuis 2OO9 et traite   du changement  climatique  global  et son  IMPACT LOCAL  au MAROC    notamment sur les forêts des plaines  qui sont  les forêts des  arganiers  et les forêts  des chênes lièges de la MAMORA  qui ont été notamment dévastées  par le béton des promoteurs prédateurs... Read more
今(2014)年9月23日,聯合國秘書長潘基文將於紐約召集世界領袖參與氣候高峰會 (Climate Summit)。國際環境組織 350.org和全球綠人台灣之友為向世界政府展現人民對於解決氣候變遷問題的關心與期待,於高峰會前夕的週末 (9/20-21) 發起全民氣候動員 (People’s Climate Mobilization)。主要遊行將在9月21日於聯合國總部-紐約舉行,全球將有超過2500場氣候行動在世界各地響應,台灣亦有四場響應行動。聯合國秘書長潘基文於9月23、24日邀請全球政、商以及公民團體領袖於紐約參與氣候高峰會 (Climate Summit),提出各國及公、私部門在面對氣候變遷問題的解決方案。使明年2015年巴黎氣候會議能夠更凝聚全球共識,為維護2050年未來世代的生存權,產出一份具約束力的法律文件。台灣必須參與氣候變遷議題,為響應國際,台灣青年氣候聯盟與各地的環境組織於本週日在台北、台中、台南也紛紛發起氣候行動!詳細活動內容請見: This... Read more
This is a critical moment for Taiwan as we prepare for local elections this November 29, 2014, there's however been significant silence among parties about important environmental issues such as climate change, sustainable energy and economy. In response, The Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC), along with the PCM-Taiwan team, including Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens, lauches a “Vote for Climate” campaign, urging and supervising candidates’ propositions on climate change. The team is... Read more
Global climate change impact at the local level because systems need to change The Moroccan case study focuseson the problems posed within theAfrican Green University since2OO9 the IMPACT LOCAL deals toMorocco on the forests of thePlains and forests of the argan andthe MAMORA cork oaks Mountain forests are also affectedbut suffer less climate change inMorocco ALSO at the level of the plants theyact on the air breathed by thesurrounding towns and workers inthese plants that often wants theend of... Read more
Con el apoyo del Ciudadano Verde de Venezuela el Dr. Manuel Díaz.  En el marco de las acciones de protesta contra el Cambio Climático en Venezuela, se realizarán varias actividades en contra del cambio climático que permitan sensibilizar a los líderes del mundo y fundamentalmente a los del país a tomar energías alternativas y 100% energías limpias. Justamente este Domingo 21 en la sede del Canal Ecológico de Venezuela Ecovision, se llevará la gran alianza de organizaciones ambientales y la... Read more


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