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The European Parliament today narrowly failed to reject new fuel quality rules proposed by the EU Commission, which do not include a separate methodology for assessing greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands oil (1). The proposed rejection needed the support of an absolute majority of the Parliament to go through but only secured a simple majority of those voting. The result will make it easier for oil from tar sands to be sold in the EU. After the vote, Green climate change spokesperson Bas... Read more
Interview with Jacqueline Cremers, Secretary General of the European Green Party who ends her mandate (second turn) in December 2014 Question: What do you see are the biggest challenges for the European Greens in the years to come? Answer: To keep our electorate close to us and yet at the same time attract attention of shifting voters. I think this can be achieved my improving the way Greens communicate, we need to be closer to people. Question: If you think about when you started being... Read more
While Australia’s conservative, anti-science Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, fought to keep climate change off the agenda at the G20, world leaders and the community made sure it was a focus. According to our climate denialist Prime Minister, climate change is apparently not an economic issue. This is of course despite the facts that climate change will have a major impact on food security and human health and will risk entire nations through sea level rise. Many of the world’s major economies... Read more
The deal between China and the US raised expectations and caused a very positive mood at the start of the Lima negotiations. Unfortunately our old Dutch saying 'one stork doesn't make it summer yet' turned out to be true once again. The overall result of Lima is disappointing, although there were some encouraging developments as well. One thing is crystal clear: there will be no time to sit back! One very unsatisfactory outcome is that countries cannot be requested to alter their national... Read more
The Greens/EFA group's Terhi Lehtonen, Advisor on Environmental Issues, gives her 4th briefing from COP20, (See: briefing One, Two, Three & Four).  Read more blogs about the climate negotiations at:   The negotiations on the draft COP decision covering the scope, upfront information and assessment process of INDCs (intended nationally determined contributions)  for the Paris agreement grinded to crawl speed if not to a halt. The G77 /China spent most of the... Read more
The Greens/EFA group's Terhi Lehtonen, Advisor on Environmental Issues, gives her 4th briefing from COP20, (See: briefing One, Two & Three).  Read more blogs about the climate negotiations at:  Rather an uninspiring day at the negotiations, a lot of talk and little agreement. Below some notes from the COM daily briefing to EP at 17h30, from the  Green breakfast and briefing by Climate Action Network Europe Director Wendel Trio, complemented by some... Read more
Hoy será un día crucial en la COP20. Los 195 países que participan de este evento sobre cambio climático deberán definir un borrador sólido de un nuevo acuerdo sobre la disminución de las emisiones de carbono, el cual será llevado a la COP21 a realizarse en París el próximo año. En el undécimo día de discusiones, esta tarde predominaba la urgencia por llegar a un acuerdo. “Ni siquiera hemos podido avanzar la mitad del texto”, comentó a TV Perú la activista española Verónica Juzgado, secretaria... Read more
The Greens/EFA group's Terhi Lehtonen, Advisor on Environmental Issues, gives her 3rd briefing from COP20, (briefing One & Two).  Read more blogs about the climate negotiations at:  While the texts under negotiations for the outcomes here in Lima seem to be rather out of touch with reality of the climate emergency, there are some positives. The latest science and the IPCC 5th assessment report have begun to sink in, and while just two years ago even in the... Read more
The Greens/EFA group's Terhi Lehtonen, Advisor on Environmental Issues, gives her 2nd briefing from COP20, (1st briefing).  Read more blogs about the climate negotiations at:  COM briefing Commissioner Canete and Presidency Environment minister La Camera briefed the EP delegation Members for the first time on Monday evening. The change from previous Commissioner in terms of presenting the EU and Commission role and ambition in negotiations was striking.... Read more
Watch the Greens leaders' media conference live from Lima on Wednesday 10 December at 6 pm Lima time (details below). Read more
Veronica in Lima
Breaking news: we've just reached 100% of our fundraising target to send Veronica to Lima. It was a truly global effort with 65 donors from 18 countries and we thank you all for your contribution. Read more
The Greens/EFA group's 1st briefing from COP20, written by ENVI advisor Ms Terhi Lehtonen.  Read more blogs about the climate negotiations at:  At the start of the second week of negotiations, and just before the start of the ministerial segment, the general mood at the COP is reported as  positive and quite relaxed. On the other hand no remarkable agreement is still in sight –  apart from the small revolution of agreeing to work on the basis of the Ad Hoc... Read more
The principle that life matters more than money should prevail in the UNFCCC COP 20 in Peru! Life is more essential! Let us pay for the cost of carbon emission reduction! We call for South Korea’s Park administration to abandon its plan to increase nuclear power and kick off an effort to cut back carbon emission on a full scale. The 20th meeting of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 20) has convened since December 1 in Lima, Peru. The Earth’s average... Read more
El Ciudadano Verde Venezolano y fundador del Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela Dr. Manuel Díaz,  señaló enfáticamente que los acuerdos son vinculantes y los que suscriba el Estado Venezolano tendrán que ser cumplidos. Se aspira a que el nuevo acuerdo a suscribirse en la próxima COP21 en París sea suscrito mayoritariamente por los Estados que son parte de la CMNUCC ya que hasta el 2011 sólo asumieron sus compromisos países que representan el 17% de las emisiones de GEI; por ello precisó que “en... Read more
We are already on the 5th day of the Summit. Until now only technical decisions have been taken, like the election of the COP20 President (Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Peru’s Environment Minister), the adoption of the agenda and the acceptance of observer organizations. This week, the Summit is of an essentially technical nature. Most political leaders have not arrived yet in spite of the glamorous and dramatic opening of the Summit and most media are therefore waiting until next week to focus on the... Read more
UN COP20 logo
The 20th meeting of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP20) in Lima, Peru, has to demonstrate that governments have the will to reach an ambitious, fair and legally binding agreement in Paris in December 2015, according to the Global Greens. Read more
Our Secretary Verónica Juzgado is going to the UN to save the world. You can help her get there. Read more
  Date & Time Time Event Description  Location 5-7 December See program agenda in English & Español FPVA General Assembly meeting “Oportunidades ante la COP20: Eficiencia, Cooperación y Nuevas Inversiones."  Suites Antique Apart Hotel en el distrito de San Isidro, Lima. (Av. Dos de Mayo 954)  8 December 11am - 1pm Greens Meeting Point Meet fellow Global Greens for continuous networking, friendship builidng and information sharing throughout COP20.   Zone B, at the tables outside the... Read more
Latin America and the European Union (EU) share important values and strive for a multilateral and rules-based international climate agreement. Climate change stands high on the agenda of the EU’s strategic partnership with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).  Together, the EU and CELAC countries make up almost one third of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The EU will have to revive its climate leadership, build up... Read more
Tema: Oportunidades ante la COP20: Eficiencia, Cooperación y Nuevas Inversiones Lugar: Suites Antique Apart Hotel en el distrito de San Isidro, Lima. (Av. Dos de Mayo 954) QUORUM BOLIVIA: Delegados Margot Soria Co Presidenta FPVA y Enrique Miranda BRASIL: Delegados Fabiano Carnavale,  Julia Duppré y CANADA: Delegados Alfredo Lascoutx, Johan Hamels y Jacqueline Romanow CHILE: Delegados Alejandro San Martin, Felix González, Tirso González Alquinta COLOMBIA REPUBLICA DOMINICANA: Delegado Antolin... Read more


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