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As decided upon during our last congress in Madagascar, AGF sent delegates to support the Swedish Green Party in the September 14th general elections. Other delegates came from Eastern Europe and South America.   All delegates arrived on Monday 8th September and recieved a welcoming dinner, the same night at one of the buildings of the Swedish Parlianment.  Green Forum's Chairman, Lars Olof Karlson, Secretary General Chris Ormalm, several board members and EU Member of Parlianment-Bodil... Read more
Publicado en Rota al Día, Buen ambiente se respiró ayer durante todo el día en el parque "El Mayeto" donde se centraron gran parte de las actividades que un grupo de ciudadanos roteños idearon para sumarse a la cita mundial de hacer visible su posición y preocupación por el cambio climático. Concienciados y convencidos de que hay que hacer algo para que las instituciones gubernamentales modifiquen sus políticas sociales, económicas y medioambientales en pos de proteger el planeta, durante este... Read more
Le changement climatique global quel impact à l’échelle locale: les Systèmes doivent changer et non le CLIMAT L’étude de cas du MAROC  PORTE  SUR LA PROBLEMATIQUE posée  au sein de l’université verte africaine depuis 2OO9 et traite   du changement  climatique  global  et son  IMPACT LOCAL  au MAROC    notamment sur les forêts des plaines  qui sont  les forêts des  arganiers  et les forêts  des chênes lièges de la MAMORA  qui ont été notamment dévastées  par le béton des promoteurs prédateurs... Read more
今(2014)年9月23日,聯合國秘書長潘基文將於紐約召集世界領袖參與氣候高峰會 (Climate Summit)。國際環境組織 350.org和全球綠人台灣之友為向世界政府展現人民對於解決氣候變遷問題的關心與期待,於高峰會前夕的週末 (9/20-21) 發起全民氣候動員 (People’s Climate Mobilization)。主要遊行將在9月21日於聯合國總部-紐約舉行,全球將有超過2500場氣候行動在世界各地響應,台灣亦有四場響應行動。聯合國秘書長潘基文於9月23、24日邀請全球政、商以及公民團體領袖於紐約參與氣候高峰會 (Climate Summit),提出各國及公、私部門在面對氣候變遷問題的解決方案。使明年2015年巴黎氣候會議能夠更凝聚全球共識,為維護2050年未來世代的生存權,產出一份具約束力的法律文件。台灣必須參與氣候變遷議題,為響應國際,台灣青年氣候聯盟與各地的環境組織於本週日在台北、台中、台南也紛紛發起氣候行動!詳細活動內容請見: This... Read more
This is a critical moment for Taiwan as we prepare for local elections this November 29, 2014, there's however been significant silence among parties about important environmental issues such as climate change, sustainable energy and economy. In response, The Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC), along with the PCM-Taiwan team, including Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens, lauches a “Vote for Climate” campaign, urging and supervising candidates’ propositions on climate change. The team is... Read more
Global climate change impact at the local level because systems need to change The Moroccan case study focuseson the problems posed within theAfrican Green University since2OO9 the IMPACT LOCAL deals toMorocco on the forests of thePlains and forests of the argan andthe MAMORA cork oaks Mountain forests are also affectedbut suffer less climate change inMorocco ALSO at the level of the plants theyact on the air breathed by thesurrounding towns and workers inthese plants that often wants theend of... Read more
Con el apoyo del Ciudadano Verde de Venezuela el Dr. Manuel Díaz.  En el marco de las acciones de protesta contra el Cambio Climático en Venezuela, se realizarán varias actividades en contra del cambio climático que permitan sensibilizar a los líderes del mundo y fundamentalmente a los del país a tomar energías alternativas y 100% energías limpias. Justamente este Domingo 21 en la sede del Canal Ecológico de Venezuela Ecovision, se llevará la gran alianza de organizaciones ambientales y la... Read more
With the support of the Citizen of Venezuela Verde Dr. Manuel Diaz, and as part of the protest actions against Climate Change in Venezuela, several activities will be held against climate change that are geared to world leaders and mainly to the country to take 100% alternative energy and clean energy.  Just this Sunday 21 at the headquarters of Venezuela Ecovision Ecological Canal, the grand alliance of environmental organizations and protest action where you must be dressed in green, with... Read more
Some of the world’s best economists have today reaffirmed the urgency and the benefits of shifting to a low carbon, high innovation economy, the GreenParty said.A new report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has found that investments to help fight climate change can also drive economic development and jobs, but time is running out for the massive shift needed to secure a stable climate. The report has been timed to inform discussions at the September 23 climate summit in... Read more
. Global Greens Newsletter September 2014    Climate action leadership at UN Summit is Vital Greens around the world join a global day of action on 21 September The Global Greens call on the world’s leaders to commit personally at the UN Climate Summit to tackling climate change with the urgency and boldness needed to avoid catastrophic global warming. The UN Climate Summit in New York City on 23 September is the first big event on the road to the UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Paris in... Read more
Greens around the world join global day of action on 21 September The Global Greens call on the world’s leaders to commit personally at the UN Climate Summit to tackling climate change with the urgency and boldness needed to avoid catastrophic global warming. The UN Climate Summit in New York on 23 September is the first big event on the road to the UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Paris in December 2015 where a binding global climate agreement is due to be completed. With just 15 months to the... Read more
South Korea’s Park Geun-hye administration scores zero when it comes to the willingness to scale back emissions of greenhouse gases. The Park administration evades the responsibility to address climate change by increasing nuclear power plants and losing grip on emission trading. Korea is the world’s seventh largest emitter of greenhouse gases. In other words, Korea bears a great duty in helping the international community reach a consensus to respond to post-2020 climate change. Her... Read more
The Swiss Young Greens have long been active in organising actions to convey the reality of global warming to people in their country. Martin Neukom explained some of these actions to us. Switzerland is already feeling the impacts of global warming: glaciers are melting, and by 2050 probably only one will remain. Ground that was previously frozen is melting, and landslides are increasing. Switzerland may even soon experience its first problems of water security - a decade ago, nobody would have... Read more
Waiting for results on election night
The Swedish Green Party, Miljöpartiet de Gröna, is expected to join the new national government in Sweden for the first time after this week’s election. After previous Green successes, including a carbon tax, their 2014 election campaign featured a strong focus on global warming, including major announcements, local stunts and cooperation with German Greens to stop Swedish coal mining in Germany - with some success. Australian Greens member Patrick Tobin was in Sweden during the election and... Read more
Greens supporters out campaigning for Yes
The Scottish Green Party has been campaigning hard for years for a YES vote in this Thursday's independence vote. Independence for Scotland could bring major climate benefits - so this week’s referendum is a key moment in the climate campaign. We explain more here. On Thursday 18 September, people across Scotland will vote on one simple question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” Scottish Greens have been involved in the campaign for years. They have set up the Green Yes campaign,... Read more
Αλλαγή στο σύστημα όχι στο κλίμα! : Change the system not the climate!
Neoi Prasinoi, the Young Greens of Greece, have joined the global climate campaign by making visuals and posters to communicate the realities of the coming global warming in their lives - sea level rise, drought and more. They’re awesome! You can check out their Facebook page for more information. Read more
Part of the international Human Chain against coal
Germany is cutting the pollution that drives global warming - but its success is in danger because of the conservative government’s support for coal. Die Grünen have launched a national campaign to stop the ‘Coal Comeback’ - and to move to clean power instead. They’re making big social media statements, postering and flyering local areas, and taking part in cross-border actions like the Human Chain Against Coal. Here’s why. EINSTIEG IN DEN KOHLEAUSSTIEG, JETZT! Dunkle Rauchschwaden... Read more
Caroline Lucas MP and other Greens supporting a Frack Free Zone
The Green Party of England and Wales are active in the campaign against fossil fuels. Here, Derek Wall - their International Coordinator - explains the role the Green Party has taken in the fight against fracking. The message at the heart of Green Party of England and Wales work on climate change is to stop extracting ever more coal, oil and gas. It is vital to expand renewables but to prevent runaway climate change we need to contract carbon based fuel. This is why our party views fracking as... Read more
The leader of the Australian Greens and climate champion, Senator Christine Milne, invites supporters to join the worldwide People’s Climate March this weekend. Millions of people will march around the world to pressure politicians meeting in New York to fight global warming before it’s too late. Read her inspiring letter and attend a People’s Climate event near you - worldwide! Dear friends, I grew up on a dairy farm in idyllic Wesley Vale, north-west Tasmania. In the late 1980s, a pulp mill... Read more
Before corporate and governmental leaders arrive in New York City this September 21 for the UN Climate Summit, the Green Party of the United States together with the System Change Not Climate Change and the Global Climate Convergence will be laying the groundwork for an alternative summit, what we're calling New York City Climate Convergence. Our objective is to build and strengthen an environmental movement that addresses the root causes of the climate crises; a social-economic system that... Read more


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