Louise Crossley and the Global Greens Charter

31 July, 2015

Tribute to Dr. Louise Crossley who, among her many feats & contributions to the Greens movement, prepared the Global Greens Charter. Her commitment, fortitude and inspiration brought the Charter to life.

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Govt should declare climate change a threat to peace and security

Photo: The International Institute for Strategic Studies
5 July, 2015

The Green Party is calling on the New Zealand Government to use its presidency of the UN Security Council to introduce a determination, in the form of a presidential statement or resolution following the Open Debate, that climate change is a threat to international peace and security.

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Celebrar el Año Nuevo del Sur como una necesidad ecológica y política de conexión con la tierra

Año Nuevo del Sur
30 June, 2015

Para conmemorarlo en nuestro país (Chile) organizamos actividades culturales, seminarios, talleres y encuentros socio político que nos permitieron reflexionar de nuestro rol transformador.

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Greece referendum: our freedom is at stake

Graffiti by N_Grams: 'NO' in German, 'YES, IN' in Greek
29 June, 2015

Breaking news, 6 July 2015.  Greece has voted a resounding 'no' in Sunday's referendum. Final result 61.3% 'no', 38.7% yes.

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Capturing The Spirit of Wellington’s Greens Wind

Windy Wellington
26 June, 2015
In an effort to tackle climate change and to improve the conditions of political leadership in Indonesia that is still far from green values, the existence of a Green Party Indonesia has become urgent. In many cases, the oligarchy of current political parties still obstructs the leadership of the good people and the work of Greens in Indonesia. Thus, there is no other choice but to build the Green Party of Indonesia as early as possible to save the good people and promote Green politics. The blowing of this Green wind should be maintained and nurtured. Indonesian Greens should be able to use this wind to free their country from environmental suffering. This wind will also fly the pride of Indonesia as "the lungs of the earth" with other tropical rainforests countries. This wind will only continue to exist if Indonesia Greens are united. The wind that is not cold at all. The wind that warmful, refreshed and very fun. Wind of friendship. Wind of change. Read more

Menangkap Angin Semangat Kaum Hijau dari Wellington

Windy Wellington
26 June, 2015
Dalam upaya mengatasi perubahan iklim dan dalam kondisi kepemimpinan politik di Indonesia yang masih jauh dari nilai-nilai hijau, keberadaan Partai Hijau Indonesia menjadi mendesak. Dalam berbagai kasus, oligarki partai terus menghambat kepemimpinan orang-orang baik dan kerja-kerja kaum hijau di Indonesia. Sehingga, tak ada pilihan lain selain membangun Partai Hijau Indonesia sedini mungkin untuk menyelamatkan orang-orang baik serta mempromosikan kaum hijau. Hembusan angin kaum hijau dari Wellington ini harus dipelihara dan dipupuk. Kaum hijau Indonesia harus dapat memanfaatkan angin ini untuk membebaskan Indonesia dari kesengsaraan lingkungan. Angin yang juga akan menerbangkan kebanggaan Indonesia sebagai “paru-paru bumi” bersama negara-negara hutan hujan tropis lainnya. Angin yang hanya akan terus ada jika kaum hijau Indonesia bersatu. Angin yang sama sekali tidak dingin. Angin yang hangat, menyegarkan dan menyenangkan. Angin persahabatan. Angin perubahan. Read more

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