It's democracy stupid!

Container ship, Singapore (Ruben Schade)
5 May, 2015

Trade is back on the policy agenda of civil society and Green parties throughout the world. But this time around the political battles are not centring on the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, as was the case at the turn of the millennium.

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New Zealanders don't want the TPP

James Shaw, NZ Greens MP
5 May, 2015

Despite all the rhetoric of ‘free trade’, historical evidence shows that deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) are designed to advance the interests of multinational companies above all else.

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Greens Japan: stop TPP negotiations

Red rice paddy field, Japan
5 May, 2015
Greens Japan wants to see the TPP negotiations stopped and instead work towards a different structure for a more fair and eco-friendly Asia-Pacific region Read more

US Greens speak out against TTP, TTIP

Mining La Oroya, Peru - ISDS dispute case
4 May, 2015
International trade cabals will override democracy, labour and eco protections, say US Greens Read more

Global Greens Coordinator - deadline for applications extended to 11 May

Global Greens
30 April, 2015
The Global Greens are seeking a committed, capable and energetic person to be the new Coordinator of the Global Greens. The successful person will work collaboratively with Greens globally and play a central role in the development of the world’s most progressive political movement. The position is based in Brussels. Read more

Les Accords de pêche entre des pays africains et l'UE

Accords de pêche
27 April, 2015

Les accords de pêche consistent en une délivrance de quotas pour un nombre de navires ciblés et sur des espèces, contre une contribution financière établie sur un nombre d’années et versée par 

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