Global Greens News November 2014

4 November, 2014
Action everywhere! In September Greens joined people around the world mobilising to change the story on climate change while most governments continue recalcitrant. Plus good news from Sweden and election news from Brazil, New Zealand, Bolivia and Canada. Read more

Elections in Bolivia

4 November, 2014
The Green Party of Bolivia contested the elections held on 12 October, one of only five parties permitted to run. Evo Morales won in a landslide with 61% of the vote. The Greens gained a creditable 2.7% and are now a respected player in national politics. Read more

Green Party notables win office in municipal elections in Canada

3 November, 2014

Local government elections held on October 27, 2014 in Canada’s most populous province were punctuated with victories by three Green Party notables. One incumbent and two newcomers were elected in Ontario.

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Reflexión sobre los resultados de las elecciones en Brazil, Octubre 2014

Brazilian Greens flag
2 November, 2014
Con las manifestaciones callejeras de junio de 2013, sin precedentes en la historia del país, los analistas políticos afirmaban que las elecciones de octubre de 2014 podrían sufrir las consecuencias del fuerte deseo de cambio y protestas que han sido manifestados por las personas en las calles. Los verdes han elegido ocho diputados federales (frente a catorce en la elecciones de 2010). Un profundo análisis aún queda por hacer, pero la ola conservadora es claramente un factor negativo para el resultado de los verdes.

After the unprecedented street protests seen in June 2013 in Brazil, political analysts expected the October 2014 elections to be shaped by the desire for change that was palpable on the streets. However, protests gave way to a strong conservative wave, as a result of which the Greens got 8 MPs (compared with 14 in 2010). Read more

Greens third party in New Zealand

31 October, 2014
Despite the swing to right-wing parties in New Zealand's latest election, the Greens held all 14 of the seats they captured at the last election, when they increased their presence in parliament from nine to 14 seats. Read more


31 October, 2014

在瑞士,青年綠人們長期以來主動的組織各種活動,積極向瑞士人宣傳全球暖化的議題。Martin Neukom 解釋了這些行動背後的原因。

瑞士已經明顯感受到全球暖化的衝擊: 冰河正在融化,預計在2050年瑞士只會剩下一條冰河。長期以來冰凍的土地正在解凍,山崩頻傳。而瑞士很可能就快面臨第一次的水資源問題。在十多年前,沒有人相信這些會發生。因此青年綠人們決定以行動宣傳這些問題並推廣可行解決方案。

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