Rwandan Greens Organising Secretary Missing: Global Greens Concerned

18 July, 2014
The Global Greens are concerned for the well-being of the National Organising Secretary of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR), Mr Jean Damascene Munyeshyaka, who went missing on 27 June. We strongly support the call by the DGPR for the Rwandan authorities to expedite their investigations. People should be able to participate in politics without fear for their safety. Read more

Join the Friends of the Global Greens

16 July, 2014
The Green family is the world's fastest growing political family with members in nearly 90 countries. Friends of Global Greens (FROGG) are working together to make the Global Greens into a truly influential organisation – and we need you to join us. YOU can become a FROGG by making a regular donation to the Global Greens. You will join others across the globe working together to enhance Green cooperation and create global partnerships, offer capacity building and support global networks and campaigns. Read more

Global Greens shocked by Egyptian court decision on Al Jazeera English journalists and the assault on press freedom

26 June, 2014
The Global Greens join the global condemnation of the conviction of the three Al Jazeera journalists accused by Egyptian authorities of ‘falsifying news’ and call on the Egyptian authorities to secure their release urgently. This decision follows a succession of court rulings denying defendants the right to a fair trial and violating the basic tenets criminal law, most recently the mass sentencing of Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death which the Global Greens have previously condemned. [link] Read more

Global Greens is now Non-Profit International Organization - Global Greens News

4 June, 2014

On May 28th 2014, the Global Greens was legally recognized as an International Non-Profit Organization in Belgium. We are proud of this achievement and a big thank you to all the people who contributed and supported the registration process.

Read more

Statement of the Global Greens: Refuse the Death Sentences in Egypt

12 May, 2014
There have been a succession of court rulings in Egypt applying the death penalty, most recently therecommendation by an Egyptian judge to execute 683 Muslim Brotherhood supporters on charges of murdering a police officer and committing violence in Al-Minya province. If implemented this would constitute a macabre world record for mass judicial executions in contravention of international law. Read more

Global Greens News: India: The Politics of Green Ideology

8 May, 2014
By Suresh Nautiyal (Green activist, journalist and GGC Member) IN INDIA, the 16th Lok Sabha (lower house) General Election will conclude this May 12, 2014 and the election results will be announced on May 16 about India's next central government. The outcome is uncertain. Whereas Indian voters feel disenchanted with the ruling United Progressive Alliance led by the Indian National Congress (INC), the main opposition National Democratic Alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has not been able to turn the existing Modi Factor into a popular Modi Wave. The emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is moreover seen as a stumbling block to the BJP’s touted victory march. As we enter the final phases of General Election 2014, lets take a brief look at India's election process and future political possibilities. Read more

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